Historical Investigation to understand a troubling photograph

October 7, 2010

Investigation of Question 2: Mitigating Circumstances?

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The many photographs reviewed thus far, of the International Eucharistic Congress in Argentina, show no other scenes in which flags of pilgrim groups, political movements, or countries are blessed.  To date, no evidence has been found to support a theory that the Copello ceremony was part of any larger organized event to confer similar ceremonial blessings.

In October 1934, the swastika banner was a political party flag, not a national flag.  While it was flown together with the German imperial tricolor by civilians in Germany (military installations were exempted from flying the swastika), the swastika banner did not become the national flag of Germany until the Nuremberg Decrees of September 15, 1935.

Argentine journals of October 1934 that have been reviewed include: La Nacion, El Mundo, El Pueblo, Criterio, Caras y Caretas, and Argetntinisches Tageblatt (German-language journal published in Buenos Aires).

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